Optional Transition Activities

We know that many students are still being set work by their primary schools, but have been asked by some parents for some transition work.

Below are some links to some optional transition work which will give students a head start in September.


As a school our maths department uses an online package called ‘Hegarty Maths’. They have created a free course called ‘Secondary Ready’. This course is free until September and would help students stay connected with maths over the summer.

If you wish to access this free course (Numerise) please follow the link below:


We are always keen to develop the scientific skills of our students. To help do this, we have attached a transition science skills booklet below. This will take students through basic skills for secondary science and build on those that they have learned in primary school.

We have also provided links to resources from the RAF and National Physics Laboratory which will help to develop students investigative skills by carrying out short investigations at home.


At Royal Liberty we love local history. We have the privilege of teaching in a building with an important history of its own, Hare Hall. This includes the Hare Hall Camp, which served as a training camp to the Artist Rifles in World War One. We invite pupils to research the history of their local area, this could either be historical stories that are specific to your area or the role the area played in national and global events.

For more general history work, you could also sign up to Seneca learning. They offer a wide variety of Key Stage 3 modules, many of which we cover in year 7 and 8.


A key aspect of english at Secondary school is creative writing. At Royal Liberty we encourage students to write for pleasure and creative writing is central to this. On the link below is a slide show which takes students through a range of creative writing examples and helps them to develop their writing skills.


The PE Department prides itself on offering opportunities for all and we would like to set you some activities and challenges to give you a taste of PE at Royal Liberty. Of course the current situation means PE will look slightly different to what you may be used to but don't worry it will still be enjoyable and by taking part in these activities you will be fully prepared for the year ahead!

Core Real PE

Some of you may have used these resources before in your primary school but if not it's really simple. Click on the Core Real PE link below and login using the following details (Email: parent@royalliber-77.com and Password: royalliber). Once logged in try and complete as many of the activities as you can over the next 6 weeks.

Food Technology

The BNF Healthy Eating Week @ Home comprises seven daily health challenges, which people can take part in at home, or in schools and workplaces where social distancing measures allow. As well as a series of cook-a-longs each day. This year’s challenges include:

1. Eat well

2. Eat more whole grains

3. Have 5 A DAY

4. Drink plenty

5. Move more

6. Be mind kind - help a friend or neighbour

7. Try something new and keep going

We would like to recommend the healthy eating challenges and the cook a longs to the year six students/parents as good induction work for catering work in year seven next year. This links in well to all the work we will be doing with the boys in year seven.

If any year six students could take a photo or do a short video of what they make maybe they could send it to us so that we can see what they have done - I would love to see any photos or videos of anything at all that they cook, it doesn't have to be anything from this website.