In the Computing and Creative Imedia department, we embrace a forward-thinking approach and focus on fostering success for all. Our vision as a department is to empower students to become articulate, knowledgeable, skilled, and inquisitive learners. We aim to instill practical skills applicable to real-life situations and encourage independent, creative, innovative, and critical thinking.  Students will stay abreast of technological advancements to prepare them for the social and economic climate, allowing them to participate in and contribute to the global world.

We will achieve this by providing an enriched curriculum, which includes:

Key Stage Three

Year 7 will embark on an exciting journey and will dive into an array of captivating IT topics and hone essential skills. They’ll seamlessly navigate our Google platform, master communication through emails, and deepen their understanding of computers, building upon KS2 foundations. The adventure extends to exploring video editing software and delving into the profound impact technology has on our daily lives. Our students will even get hands-on with BBC Microbits, unlock the world of programming, and take a step beyond blocks with Small Basic, transitioning to crafting code in text windows. Join us in fostering a love for technology and unlocking the potential of Key Stage 3!

Key Stage Four

At KS4: Step into a world of limitless possibilities. As technology continues to evolve and create fresh opportunities. You can embrace the future with confidence as we provide both GCSE Computer Science and Level 1/ 2 Cambridge Nationals in Creative Imedia offering a diverse and dynamic toolkit for success.  

Creative Imedia:

Embark on a journey of creativity with our Creative iMedia Level 1/2 Cambridge National Course! Designed to fuel enthusiasm, this course offers students practical, accessible, and engaging units that foster real-world skills for the future. In this exciting adventure, students dive into two mandatory units—Creative iMedia in the media industry, featuring an external written exam, and Exploring Digital Graphics, where they craft digital graphics to meet client requirements. The grand finale is the hands-on creation of an Interactive Multimedia product, utilizing a diverse range of assets, bringing their vision to life. Join us in shaping future innovators and storytellers through the dynamic world of Creative iMedia!

Computer Science:

Unlock the boundless world of computing through our GCSE Computer Science course! In this dynamic journey, students discover the practical magic of transforming classroom knowledge into solutions for real-world challenges. The course sparks innovation, fostering effective and logical thinkers while deepening problem-solving expertise. With equal emphasis on two compelling components, students delve into the intricacies of processors, memory, networks, and software. Beyond the screen, the ethical, legal, cultural, and environmental impacts of computers unfold. In Component two, fundamental algorithms take center stage, empowering students to craft, refine, and test programs. Join us in cultivating the tech pioneers of tomorrow!