Geography cultivates in students an aspirational spirit to understand and explore the living, dynamic world they inhabit. By exploring the past, illuminating the present, and preparing for the future, geography instills in students a strong sense of global responsibility as they learn to consider various perspectives and the intricacies of the interconnected world. Through a comprehensive curriculum, encompassing both physical and human geography, students develop an independent and insightful understanding of how humans and the environment interact and influence each other. In this way, geography empowers students to become confident and resilient citizens of the world, driven by a deep respect for our planet and all its inhabitants. 

Geography will provide Royal Liberty students with a broad understanding of the world, critical thinking skills, an appreciation of diversity and an understanding of environmental sustainability. These skills will be invaluable to students as they embark on their future careers and make their way in the world.

Key Stage Three

The content selection and teaching methodology are founded on robust theories of learning and subject-specific knowledge, with a clear emphasis on fundamental concepts and the targeted acquisition of skills. The arrangement of the content is carefully planned to balance challenge and advancement which goes above and beyond the national curriculum and fosters the gradual growth of pupils' geography knowledge and abilities. Regular opportunities for reflection and adequate guidance are provided to reinforce learning.

Key Stage Four

We have selected the exam board AQA for our KS4 students. However, we believe in delivering beyond the confines of the exam specification and continuing to offer a well-rounded, broad curriculum that is diverse and representative of our school community.