Learning a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) supports an understanding of living in a multicultural society, provides an opening to other cultures, and fosters curiosity about the wider world. Students will increase their cultural capital by building knowledge of other countries, their languages, and cultures and as a result will be more open to new experiences and have a more profound understanding of their own language and culture.

Key Stage Three

At Key Stage 3, the ‘10 keys’ is a grammatical checklist students use to improve the quality of their work and can be used across all topics.  Through the ‘10 Keys’, students are able to identify and discuss complex language. 

Key Stage 3 students are following the new specification accredited by OFQUAL for exams taking place from 2026 onwards. The themes are as follows: 

Key Stage Four

We use our two-year Key Stage 4 to push our pupils further using the ‘20 keys’ and develop a fuller and richer understanding of other cultures, and love for languages.

KS4 students are following the current Edexcel GCSE French course, which is made up of several topics (e.g. holidays and cultural life). These are grouped into five themes: