Heads of Year

Year Seven - Ms Cooper

The transition to secondary school is an extremely important time for students, both in terms of academic achievement and allowing them to continue to grow as individuals. Your children will experience the excitement and anticipation around their new environment and the challenges that Year 7 will inevitably bring.

My role is to ensure that during this transition period all students feel safe and happy. Students are encouraged to become independent and organised and will have the support required to ensure a successful transition. We want our students to feel valued, enriched and confident.

Communication with parents/carers is paramount and you are welcome and actively encouraged to contact me regarding any matter, regardless of how big or small the issue may be. Your son can be reassured that he will be listened to. Your son will have opportunities to join a range of different clubs throughout the school and will be actively encouraged to do so.

I will be working with all Primary Schools to ensure a smooth transition. We ensure that Year 7 will give our students the platform to be successful.

You can contact Ms Cooper via email: jcooper@royalliberty.co.uk

Year Nine - Ms Turner

It is with great pleasure that I look to transition our Year 8 students through to Year 9.

This important milestone will see many changes start to take hold, including the opportunity for the boys to take their options, which will have long lasting implications on the rest of their education and beyond.

It is my aim to provide the year group with a calm, stable environment in which they can learn and to ensure that they are ready to progress onto their first GCSE year and Key Stage 4 in Year 9.

My expectations of the students are high, with a huge importance being placed on attitude to learning, attendance, punctuality and behaviour. There have recently been some very targeted assemblies given to the year group regarding building their emotional resilience and the non-negotiable requirement of respecting ourselves and those around us.

It is hoped that the students enter Year 8 having taken all of this on board and are ready to successfully proceed onto the next step of their school career.

You can contact Ms Turner via email: sturner@royalliberty.co.uk

Year Ten - Ms Wallace

I am pleased this year to be working with this year group from Year 9 and look forward to supporting them along their journey.

I have discussed in assemblies the importance of resilience, hard work, emotional intelligence and developing the person they want to become and encourage them to become the best version of themselves.

Over the last year I have seen the year group mature and start to take responsibility for their actions. In Year 10 there will be a greater push on students developing better organisational skills in order to prepare them for Year 11 and their final GCSE’s.

I am pleased to be able to further develop the supportive relationship with both students and parents as it is essential to work together in order for the boys to hear a mutual message of expectations for them to succeed in the future.

You can contact Ms Wallace via email: hwallace@royalliberty.co.uk

Year Eleven - Ms Glitz

Like many people who are passionate about their career, I find that I work at my best when faced with a fresh and exciting challenge. My career has spanned over eleven years working in secondary schools, during which time I have held several positions of increasing responsibility, culminating in my current position as Head of Year 11.

I am highly motivated to take on a position of leadership in a school that corresponds to my core values of commitment, openness, success and continually striving to improve its pupils learning experience and empowering our young men to become independent. This is a crucial time for the pupils and as their Head of Year I want each and every one to succeed.

I endeavour to support students with a broad and balanced curriculum which meets their learning needs. I continually strive to help Year 11 students raise their post 16 aspirations, thus giving them every opportunity to succeed at Sixth Form, College or Apprenticeship.

You can contact Ms Glitz via email: sglitz@royalliberty.co.uk