School Rewards System

Points are awarded for the following:

  1. Progress in lessons between data drops

  2. Attendance

  3. Improved Attendance

  4. Attitude to Learning

  5. Home Learning

  6. Additional engagement in school life

  7. Additional points for achieving student of the half term

Examples of how these points are awarded are as follows:

  • The more progress a student makes between data drops, the more points they achieve.

  • When looking at students attitude towards learning scores, the better the score the more points they achieve, so it is about students being rewarded for consistently high effort and a positive attitude.

  • Then additional points are awarded for additional engagement in school life. Students need to be nominated by a teacher or a Head of Year.

How it the system works:

The first rewards recognition assembly will take place at Christmas and students will be able to get on the first step of the ladder. This step is going for an early lunch (which will be for two days). Then at the February half term, the second recognition assembly will take place. The students already on step one will be going for step 2, the period 5 video, while other students will still be trying to get to step one for an early lunch. At Easter the third recognition step will be released and then the final one will be released for the summer term. All points are cumulative and therefore if a student narrowly misses out on a reward one half term, they have a higher chance of being successful in the next half term as the points they earned for their hard work are still counted. All trips will be in the summer term, during school time and fully funded; some students may still be aiming for different steps at this point.

We believe this is a really exciting and fair system in which all students have equal opportunity to be successful and be rewarded for their success.

This new system is in addition to:

  • The Go4schools positive points- Students are awarded points for positive contribution in lessons or for completed a piece of work or home learning to an excellent standard

  • Merits signed in the planner- In the student planner there is a merit check sheet, in which teaching staff sign the students planner. These can be awarded for excellent contribution in class or around the school. The points from the planner are collated once a half term by form tutors and then added to the Go4schools system.

  • Student of the half term- Each subject and Head of Year nominate a student each half term for this award and students receive a certificate in assembly

  • Postcards/ phone calls home

  • Attendance certificates

  • Badges (Year 7, 8 and 9) and Ribbons (Year 10 and 11, these 'Colours' ribbons are sewn below the breast pocket of blazers) - These are awarded in assemblies when students reach the totals below:

Year 7-9 totals needed to achieve each badge are shown below:

  • Bronze - 100 Merit/House Points

  • Silver- 200 Merit/House Points

  • Gold- 275 Merit/House Points

  • 275+ Merit/House Points= students entered into a draw for an amazon voucher

Year 10 and 11 totals needed to achieve each ribbon shown below:

  • Bronze- 50 Merit/House Points

  • Silver- 125 Merit/House Points

  • Gold- 175 Merit/House Points

  • Above 250 students go into a draw for a rewards voucher