School Uniform

The wearing of these items of school uniform is compulsory, at school and coming to and from school.

Black blazer with embroidered school badge

Jumpers, if worn, should be v-necked, black and carry the school logo.

Outdoor coats, if worn, should be suitable for school wear with no visible trademark or logo.  Coats should be black or navy. Bright coloured coats are not allowed.   Expensive brand names are not recommended.  Denim jackets/hoodies are not permitted.

Any hair colouring should be of a 'natural' colour. The length should be a grade two minimum on top, side and back and should be without words, patterns or emblems.

All students are expected to take part in Physical Education which forms part of the curriculum.  The clothing required for Physical Education consists of:

All clothes and property should be clearly marked with the owner's name.