What Royal Liberty Offers

The Havering Local Offer

Local Offer gives children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities and their families’ information about what support services the local authority think will be available in their local area. Every local authority is responsible for writing a Local Offer and making sure it is available for everyone to see. The new law says that every local authority must talk with children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities and their families to find out what sort of support and services they need. There will be many different types of services that children and young people may need, including support services in school and specialist health services.

You can find out more about the changes to your special educational needs or disability support and the Local Offer by talking to an impartial information, advice and support service. You can find contact information for one of these here: https://familyserviceshub.havering.gov.uk/kb5/havering/directory/localoffer.page?localofferchannel=0

The Havering Local Offer is where you can find information online in one single place about the services and support available locally for children, young people and adults with special educational needs and disabilities. It is designed so that you can view it on a tablet, computer or smartphone. The site covers education, health and social care for those aged from birth to 25 years, the Local Offer is being developed with children, young people, parents, carers and local services, including pre-schools, schools, colleges and health and social care agencies

At the Royal Liberty School, we are supported by the Local Authority to ensure that all pupils, regardless of their specific needs, make the best possible progress in school. In the Learning Support Faculty, we view all students with special educational needs and / or disabilities as individuals. We aim to offer students an education encompassing all of the traditional subjects as well as encouraging the development of intellectual, emotional and social growth. We encourage students to immerse themselves in all aspects of school life and endeavour to make reasonable adjustments, whenever necessary, to make this happen.