High Prior Attainers

What are High Prior Attainers?

At Royal Liberty School ‘HPA’ is a term used to describe a student or group of students who have shown the potential to achieve the very highest grades in their GCSEs.

High prior attaining (HPA) students are identified in Year 7 having attained an “average point score of 110 or higher” in their KS2 tests (Year 7-10) or who start with a combined KS2 Maths and Reading score of 5 or above (Year 11).

At Royal Liberty school we believe that every leader needs to be challenged to achieve their potential and we have a programme specifically designed to target the progress and attainment of these students.

The HPA students are overseen by Mr Sammons, High Achieving Co-ordinator, and he works closely with all subject teachers to help them manage the provision within their subject area. Over the last few years, this meeting practice has expanded into a wider HPA Hub across educational boundaries. The High Achieving Coordinator regularly meets with other HPA leads across a series of schools and a series of educational authorities. This is to ensure that a very wide field of expertise is consulted, that best practice is being shared across a wide network and, indeed, that findings are being implemented for our students at Royal Liberty School.

As with all students at Royal Liberty, it is of vital importance that the HPA's are stretched and challenged within the classroom and it is our priority that a culture of achievement and success is celebrated. A key feature of this is to ensure that the supportive relationship between teachers, parents and students is built upon high aspirations.

The core provision is offered within the classroom through the teaching and learning opportunities on offer. It is expected that lessons have differentiated outcomes that provide for all learners, including stretch and challenge as appropriate. Teachers are aware of the need to adjust the level of questioning and learning to facilitate this.

Regular monitoring of students’ achievement through robust data checks supports intervention strategies to ensure that the expected level of progress is being achieved.

The Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club works to increase the number of pupils that progress to Russell Group Universities by training PhD researchers to share their academic expertise with pupils.

The Scholars Programme is delivered by a PhD Tutor and involves two trips to highly selective universities and five in-school tutorials. The in-school tutorials take place during the school day and last for one hour each. The tutorials follow a super-curricular course designed to push the pupils to develop the academic skills they will need to secure places at highly selective universities. These are based on, or incorporate, the PhD Tutor’s area of research. Pupils complete the course by producing a 2,000 word assignment which is marked using criteria from the Key Stage above their current level. They are then given a university-style grade (1st, 2.i etc.) and feedback from their tutor to allow them to reflect on and improve their performance. Finally, the pupils graduate from the course at a prestigious university.

Key features of the HPA provision at Royal Liberty School

University visits

Departmental enrichment and reward visits

Mensa, High IQ Testing

HPA Parent/Carer Events

Primary School Outreach

Master Classes (the invite to master classes is extended to our main feeder primary schools)

Student Voice

Case studies

Learning Walks

Subject audits

Speak Out Challenge