GCSE Options

During the Spring Term in 2024, our Year 9 students will be choosing their GCSE Options.

If you have any questions or queries about this, please contact Mr. J. Benstead


Key Dates

Monday 05/02/24: Whole Year 9 Assembly - How to Apply 

w/c 12/02/24: Subject Options Assemblies

Thursday 15/02/24: Options Information Evening for parents/carers

Friday 16/02/24: Options Online opens for applications

Thursday 29/02/24: Year 9 Parents/Carers Evening

Monday 04/03/24 (5pm): Deadline for applications to be submitted


Useful documents - Click the links

Y9 Options Booklet (2024-2026)

SIMS Options Online - User Guide

Year 9 Student Assembly

Options Letter

Y9 Options Evening - presentation slides

Subject Options Assemblies

You can also see presentation videos from all Subject Leaders at the bottom of this page.

All students follow a core curriculum made up of the following subjects which are compulsory. Timetable allocations are given in hours per fortnight.

In addition to these, students will also study 4 option subjects; each option subject has 5 hours teaching time per fortnight.

The science department will decide based on your son's academic ability if he will study combined or triple science.  One of the advantages to this is that it allows students to gain an extra option.

At Royal Liberty, we believe that it is important for students to follow a broad and balanced curriculum. For two of the four choices, we require most students to study a foreign language and a humanities subject of history or geography.  This pathway is referred to as the standard academic options pathway.

If we feel that the standard academic pathway is too challenging for some students then they will be offered greater flexibility in their option choices and this pathway is known as the flexible options pathway. Students can still opt for a language in this route if they feel it is appropriate.

The final pathway will be for a very small number of students. This will be known as the flexible plus options pathway. If your son is on this pathway you will be contracted separately by Ms Larner. In this pathway students will only take two option subjects. The other compulsory subjects are Key Skills and Personal Development and Employability Skills, both non-GCSE subjects.

It is widely recognised that the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) suite of qualifications is an indication of students ability to successfully study and achieve in a wide range of subjects. This is a measure of the achievement of students in English, maths, history or geography, the sciences and a language.

This means that colleges, universities and employers will be looking favourably at potential students/employees with these qualifications. For this reason, the Royal Liberty School is encouraging students to take the EBacc suite of qualifications now, in preparation for their future.

The options process will take place online and your son will be sent an online link through his school email.  Once students have logged in they will be able to make their options choices. Students can save and come back to this at a later date; the process does not need to be completed in one go. when students log on for the first time they will find out which pathway they have been assigned.

In addition to the four main option subjects, we ask students to provide a reserve choice. In previous years, the vast majority of students have been able to study their chosen subjects. However, if too many students want to study a particular subject, or there are not enough to make a viable group, or the combination of particular subjects cannot work on the timetable, then the reserve option subject will be used. If we feel that a combination of subjects chosen by your son is not suitable we will invite you in for a meeting to discuss.

Subject Option Presentations

MFL (Spanish and French)

Ms Suryawanshi / Ms Scollan



Creative iMedia

Ms Nayer


Computer Science

Ms Nayer



Mrs. Nelson



Ms Ralston



Ms Goodey


Physical Education

Mr Gilligan


Art and Design

Ms Norman



Ms Ramsay



Ms Hinnigan


Hospitality and Catering

Ms White


Design Technology

Mr Parker


Princes Trust

Ms Larner



Ms Ralston