Transition Challenges

To help ease our future students into the transition to secondary school, we will be setting a series of optional challenges for the boys to take part in. These will only be short but have the aim of helping to set the boys up for their start with us and welcoming them into our school community. We will be emailing out challenges each week and also posting them on this page.

Students are more than welcome to submit these via the google forms below and then we can celebrate their successeses on induction day.

History - Mr Phillips

The first of our transition challenges comes from the History department. Mr Phillips has set a challenge to find out more about the history of Royal Liberty! You can watch the video for more details and hints as well as using the google form to submit your fact file!

Good luck!

PE - Mr Rae

Our second transition challenge is from our PE department. Mr Rae has set a warm-up challenge to test your coordination and agility! The PE department is looking to meeting you and putting your agility to the test on induction day! You can submit your score on the link below.

Best of luck boys!

Business Studies and Computing - Ms Goodey

Our next transition challenge comes from our computing and business studies departments. Ms Goodey would like you to help to rebrand the department. More information and guidance are on the helpsheet here.

Good Luck - we look forward to seeing your campaigns!

French and Spanish - Ms Scollan

We would like to introduce our languages department with our next challenge! Ms Scollan has set you the challenge of designing your ideal school and classroom and then labelling this in either French or Spanish! We hope that by doing this you will learn some amazing vocabulary that will be able to give you an advantage when you start with us!

Bonne chance!

Catering - Ms White

Our latest challenge has been set by Ms White, our catering teacher. Ms White would like you to cook a healthy meal or snack and to submit a picture of this, the recipe and a short evaluation. Catering is a really popular subject at school and we are sure that by attempting this challenge you will really be getting a taste for it!

Good Luck - we look forward to seeing your campaigns!

Science - Ambassadors

For our Science challenge, we handed over to the real experts in our department - the Science Ambassadors! They have set the challenge of designing, building and erupting your very own volcano! We have added some instructions here, but have deliberately not included pictures so that you can be as creative as possible! We would love to see pictures, videos and an explanation of your eruption!

Maths - Ms Patel

Our maths department has set our next challenge! They would like you to have a go at the maths puzzle which they have set!

This involves using both your problem-solving and numeracy skills!

You can see the problem and some hints by clicking here.

English - Miss Medley

Our English department has set the next transition challenge! Miss Medley would like you to write an article about an event which happens in your summer holidays! This can be anything at all, from a holiday to a day trip or even just something which happens in your everyday life! The more creative you are the better! The department has included some helpful writing frames here for you to have a head start. Best of luck!