Recovery Curriculum

The Royal Liberty School’s curriculum is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our students and ensure that each student is provided with the outcomes and opportunities to enable their future success through positive outcomes.

These recovery documents demonstrate each subject’s immediate response to students' loss of learning during the COVID 19 lockdown and how they have planned to ensure that any gaps in knowledge and skills are addressed.

It is anticipated that the curriculum will continue to evolve, particularly as government policy changes.

Throughout the year, departmental training sessions and discussions will allow departments to strategically plan a curriculum that delivers not just knowledge and skills, but provides opportunities to celebrate the diversity of our school community, offers enrichment activities to develop students’ cultural capital and emphasises the relevance of the curriculum in supporting future careers.

The ethos of the Royal liberty school is that it is a learning environment ‘where boys are ambitious, where boys succeed’ and our curriculum is designed to support this.