The launch Trip

This Year the Year 9 Brilliant club members attended Catherine’s College, Cambridge for their Scholars programme launch trip. On the day the pupils set off at 8:30am and arrived at the college at 10am. After a cup of tea and a biscuit they settled down for the welcome session from the Brilliant club lead tutor.

The pupils then received their 1st tutorial session with their PhD tutor MacKenzie. MacKenzie has a Degree in Political Science and Law, a Masters Degree in Law and is now studying a PhD in Human Rights Law and Internet Law. The topic title this year for our students is “Innocent but Proven Guilty: Can We Prevent Wrongful Convictions?” In this session the pupils were introduced to the topic and discussed a number of case studies they will be using over the course of the programme. They were then set their first home learning task of 600 words.

After the tutorial sessions the pupils sat down for lunch in the Grand Hall and then were treated to a tour of the college by student currently studying at the University. The final session of the day was a study skills session with Catherine, the lead for the college's outreach programme.

This was an excellent launch trip and one that opened the eyes of our students to the possibility of one day attending Cambridge University.

What’s next?

Tutorial plan

Over the next 4 weeks the Brilliant club members will receive 4 more tutorial sessions designed to develop their understanding of the topic area and build a solid base to produce the final assignment. The schedule for these tutorials can be seen below.

The final assignment is due at the beginning of March and the students will receive their final grade in a 1 to 1 feedback session on the 21st of April.


On Monday 2nd February members of the Brilliant club will be delivering an assembly to the Year 7 & 8 pupils all about the Brilliant Club Programme. The members will talk about the aims of the programme as a whole, Catherine’s College and the launch trip event at the college, the subject topic the pupils have been given and the graduation event they will attend in May.

I hope that delivering this assembly will raise the profile of the Brilliant club in the school and also make other pupils appreciate the task the members have undertaken and the amount of effort that goes into achieving the very highest grades on the programme.

The Brilliant club programme was completed in April with the students handing in their final assignments during the lockdown period. It was once again an excellent set of grades from the student who took part in the programme with a special mention going to Riley D as he achieved a 1st.